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Six Laws Of Life

six Laws

In our daily lives, we often encounter situations and challenges that confuse us. During these moments of uncertainty, we turn to certain ‘laws’—unspoken principles that provide us with some simple wisdom to help us deal with the situation. I can think of six such laws that come to mind. Do you have others?

  1. Murphy’s Law: The more you don’t want something happening, the more likely it is to occur. If something has to go wrong, it will. So, don’t build resistance in such situations because it will create deep unhappiness. Just accept and move forward.
  2. Backward Law: The more you desire something, the less likely you are to achieve it. Paradoxically, sometimes, striving too hard for something can have the opposite effect. So, some goals(for example, happiness) are best achieved indirectly by focusing on the journey and the present rather than making the goal your sole focus.
  3. Kidlin’s Law: If you write a problem down clearly and specifically, you have solved half of it. Don’t let problems fester in your mind. Get them on paper, break them down, and formulate a plan. Clarity often leads to effective solutions.
  4. Gilbert’s Law: When you take on a task, finding the best ways to achieve the desired results is always your responsibility. Unless you feel responsible for some task or outcome, you cannot invoke your creative juices. 
  5. Wilson’s Law: If you prioritize knowledge and intelligence, money will continue to come. Invest in your growth and learning; self-improvement is key to financial prosperity. 
  6. Falkland’s Law: If you don’t have to decide about something, don’t decide. Not every situation requires you to commit to immediate action. Sometimes, waiting or letting things unfold can be the wisest choice.

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