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Three Signs Of An Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

Many of us go through life without thinking about the kind of mindset we have. We may be operating with a negative or a scarcity-driven disposition without even realizing it.

What differentiates an Abundance and Scarcity mindset?

While one can talk more about how we suffer from a scarcity mindset, it is easier and better to point out what an abundant mindset looks like. In one of his books, Tony Robbins talks about the tell-tale signs that point to one having an abundance mindset.

You Celebrate The Success Of Others

Jealousy and fear form the operating system of a scarcity mindset. When you celebrate the success and achievements of others, you operate from the vantage of abundance. You are not worried about the success of others, secure in the comfort that you are charting your own path. Therefore, you genuinely celebrate the success of others.

You Give Back

People in the grip of a scarcity mindset are too self-focused, always taking from others instead of giving. For them, everything is about self-interest. When you operate with an abundance mindset, you are in the mode of giving- your time, energy, attention, and skills for the benefit of others around you.

You Live In The Present

When you are in a state of abundance, you are not worried about the future or stuck in the past. A natural consequence of this state is that you are “all in” at the moment, experiencing life as it unfolds. You feel abundant in the present moment.

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