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Failure=Creative Work


I met with a business leader last week, and he said something compelling in passing through the conversation.

In describing his journey as an entrepreneur and how he had to deal with multiple failures in the initial stages, this business leader commented that failure is a necessary part of any creative work and growth.

It is fashionable to say that failure is a stepping stone to success. However, we often miss the point. We think it’s about accepting failure without letting it affect our confidence. We believe it is about accepting failure with dignity and moving on.

Reflecting on what the business leader said, I realized a more nuanced interpretation of failure. When he said failure is a necessary ingredient of any creative work, he was suggesting that failure is a manifestation of exploration and learning. When you fail, it means you are trying something creative or meaningful. However, if you are not experiencing failure, it means you are playing it safe, afraid of failing.

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