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It’s All In The Timing !!


We always think of success and failure in binary terms. If something happens the way we plan for it, we say it is a success, and if something doesn’t happen the way we plan for, it is a failure.

However, there is another perspective to success or failure- the perspective of timing.

In 2012, a mentee of mine started a business venture, and he worked relentlessly on it. However, in 2013, 2014, or 2015, if anyone had evaluated the performance of his business, they would have concluded that he failed. He had just a couple of clients, and his business was barely solvent.

But he was steadfast and kept tuning his business model. By 2016, he had more than a dozen clients, and his company’s value had skyrocketed. The same business that looked like a failure a couple of years ago was now clearly successful—the same business, the same person, but at a different time- A success.

Through those four years between 2012 and 2016, my friend did not fail. He was “on his way” to success.

Almost everything meaningful we do in life follows the same pattern.

It feels like you are failing or have failed when you encounter challenges and roadblocks. However, you have not failed. It’s all in the timing. You are just “on your way” to success !!

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