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Weekend Story-The Porcupines & The Cold Winter


It was a year when the winter was one of the coldest in history, and many animals died as a result.

Realizing the grave situation, the porcupines decided to group together to stay warm. Although this was a great way to keep warm and protect themselves from the cold, the quills of the porcupines injured their closest companions.

Unwilling to bear the discomfort of the prickly quills, the porcupines decided to distance themselves. But unfortunately, when they distanced themselves, some of the porcupines began to die due to exposure to the extreme cold.

So the porcupines had to choose: either accept their companions’ sharp discomfort or choose death. Wisely, they decided to get back together again. They realized that enduring the slight pain of being close to one another was necessary if they wanted to benefit from the warmth of being together. So they learned to live with discomfort to survive.

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