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Weekend Story- A Door Closes To Open Another

door open

John woke up at 7 AM, an hour past his usual time, feeling sick and horrible, but still headed to work for an important task. During the lunch break, his boss informed him that he had been made redundant, leaving him shattered. While driving home, his car got a flat tire, and to his dismay, he found out the spare tire was flat too.

How could I have so much misfortune in just one day? John wondered

As he stood by the side of the road, wondering what to do, a man in a BMW pulled over and offered him a ride to the nearest tube station. As they were driving, they got chatting, and John shared details of what had happened earlier in the day. The gentleman driving the BMW was impressed with John’s background and offered him a job at his company.

John suddenly realized that he was pretty unhappy at his previous job, and he was wondering what to do. Providence seemed to be showering its blessings on him !!

A door had closed to open another-Tomorrow would be a new start, and he couldn’t wait to see what his future held.

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