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No One Cares, About Your Reasons

No One Cares

Yesterday, I wrote about Owning up to your choices and taking responsibility for everything that happens in our lives.

Today, I wanted to follow through on the same idea but with a different POV(Point of View)

No one else cares about your excuses as much as you do.

Failures and mishaps are inevitable and essential facets of our lives, and they are necessary for us to grow and develop. However, when we face failure, we resist acknowledging the fact. We become defensive and look to protect our egos by blaming external factors or others.

We use phrases like “I really worked hard at this, but the market was not favorable” or “It’s not that I failed; the target was high”, to brace ourselves against the painful impact of failing.

Here’s the thing that we should all understand: Your reasons may be genuine. Maybe you did your best, and the market was unfavorable. Perhaps the target was indeed very high. It doesn’t matter. The fact is, no one really cares. Your reasons and explanations do not change the outcome or solve your issues.

Just because some outcome did not happen because of factors beyond your control, it doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility to deal with the situation in the best way you can.

When you know you have failed, what must you do? Stop resisting and focus on the next move instead of rationalizing why it’s not your fault.

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