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Project Manage Your Goals

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You have a project on your hands if it involves a goal with timelines, constraints, dependencies, risks, and the need for resources. 

So treat it like a project to manage if you want to achieve a goal or objective, like reaching your ideal weight, starting a podcast, obtaining a degree, or managing a new initiative at work. 

Project management entails having a vision, creating a plan, leading yourself or others, making progress, tracking direction, managing dependencies, overcoming constraints, and delivering results. 

You must take care of some essential steps when adopting a project management mindset for your goals.

Clarify your goal: Clearly understand what you’re pursuing and why. 

Break down your work into phases: Divide the work into manageable chunks of effort and commitment. 

Create a plan of action: Develop a basic plan with assigned timeframes, identified resources, and dedicated time and effort.

Implement the plan: Start executing and mark tasks as completed in your plan.

Track and monitor progress: Keep an eye on your progress to identify additional actions or resources you may need. 

Celebrate achievements: Take time to celebrate once you complete a phase. Give yourself a break, relax, reflect, and consider how to improve in the next stage for even better results.

I approach many of my work and personal goals as projects. This powerful perspective helps me adopt a project management mindset and execute systematically. It works very nicely for me. You can try it too.

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