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Weekend Story-The Competent Sales Guy

competent sales guy

The Gerstein couple is looking to buy a new car.

So they decide to go to a prominent car showroom dealing in all the best brands. The husband calls the showroom and books an appointment with Jared, the salesperson at the showroom.

As they enter the car showroom, Mr.Gerstein tells his wife..“Sweetheart, remember this: no matter what our eager sales friend pitches, the models he presents, or the special offers he tosses up—today, we are only browsing. Decision-making takes a back seat. Even if you stumble upon an offer that strikes your fancy, keep that poker face intact. Let’s refrain from locking anything in, alright?”

Mrs. Gerstein gives an exasperated nod.

The couple enters the showroom, and receiving them is a pleasant-looking Jared.

Reaching out to the husband, he says,” Mr. Gerstein, it’s so amazing to meet you, I am Jared. I hope you don’t mind, I looked you up on LinkedIn as I’d like to know a little about the people I serve. I see that you are the past president of the national ability center. My own son has autism. I want to thank you for the work you do. ”

Mr. Gerstein’s eyes light up. He takes a liking for Jared instantly.

Jared leads the couple into his office, and for the next 15-20 minutes, the conversation is all about autism research, cures, etc. Nothing about cars. The wife is watching the conversation patiently. Eventually, Jared stands up to escort the couple to the car lot to show them the different models.

Even before seeing the first car, Mr. Gerstein enthusiastically exclaims to his wife, “I think Jared has the right models to show us. I am sure we can decide on the model to buy today !!”

Jared’s comptence and trust had erased any memory of his advise to Mrs.Gerstein !!

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