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Control The Craving…To Be Right

Craving to be right

One of the challenges that comes with gaining extensive experience is the illusion of knowing it all. Because I have experienced so many facets, I sometimes find myself getting too attached to my own opinions, resulting in a dismissive attitude toward everything else.  

In these moments, I become zealously protective of my own viewpoints and occasionally condescending about what others have to say. I inadvertently project the belief that my way is the only right way. This tendency surfaces intermittently in my interactions with family, friends, colleagues, and teammates.

Fortunately, self-awareness kicks in, and I recognize that in these instances, I’m not at my best. I’ve drifted from my natural curious and open mindset into what I refer to as my “zone of righteousness.” When I am in this place, there is a lot of unnecessary friction. It’s me vs. Everyone else.  

When I catch myself sliding into the confines of my own narrative, I consciously pull back. I immediately shift into a more welcoming, curious, and open-minded frame.  

Here’s a nugget of wisdom: all the drama in leadership and life often boils down to the craving to be right. Letting go of that craving is a transition all self-aware leaders – and anyone, really – should aim for. 

It’s not an easy pivot, but I am working hard at it. 

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