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Beware Of The Invented Problems !!

Invented problems

Every day, we encounter problems, and we look to solve them. When we problem-solve, we feel better because we move forward. Here’s the interesting thing, though, about problems. Not all issues are the same. Different problems have different flavors.

Some problems, when well solved, lead to making things better- For instance, delivering a product to the customer takes two weeks. The customer would like it delivered in 3 days. It improves the overall situation if we can solve this problem by reducing the time to provide our solution from 14 days to 3 days.

Some problems give us a chance to get back on course-Maybe a chosen team structure isn’t yielding the expected efficiency due to unforeseen issues. A thorough analysis and adjustment help realign the path toward improvement.

Some problems are opportunities to be generous- Recognizing when colleagues are overworked and giving them the space to recuperate is a compassionate solution that benefits everyone involved.

However, there is one sneaky category of problems we all need to watch out for.

The Invented Problems: These aren’t really problems but situations where patience is the only remedy. You have done everything you need to do to get the order. But it is not coming. The customer is taking their time. The order will be issued whenever the client is ready. There is nothing you can do. It is a situation, and the only thing to do is wait. 

Another version of invented problems is the kind that is so trivial that solving it will not matter in any way. For example, a young team member manages things productively and independently, and you try to coach and mentor the person just because you feel like adding value. In contrast, someone in your team is underperforming and needs your mentorship and guidance. Still, you shy away because it’s more emotionally demanding and challenging to help an underperformer improve.

Beware of the Invented problems. They have a way of capturing your attention and focus simply to keep your mind off other problems, the ones that truly matter.

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