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Anger-An Early Warning System


Why does one get angry?

In the past week, I distinctly remember three instances where I was genuinely angry and upset.

First, there was an argument with my wife about some decisions we couldn’t agree on.

The second was when a colleague dropped some negative news on me.

The third- someone interrupted me when I was deep in concentration, focused on a task.

Looking back on these moments, I realize that anger isn’t just a tool I use to get my way in certain situations; it’s actually a real-time message my mind sends, signaling that I’m not in control of that situation.

In those moments, I lack the know-how or the emotional intelligence to take charge, so I use my position, age, experience, and authority as a shield to project my anger onto others.

Anger is an early warning system, letting me know I’m feeling vulnerable or weak at that particular moment.

The next time I get triggered with anger welling up, I can use this awareness to regain control more constructively. Instead of reacting impulsively, It’s an opportunity for me to pause, take a deep breath, reassess, and figure out a more effective way to navigate the situation.

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