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Learn To Sell


As a teacher, you might think, “I just need to be good in the subject I teach. No need to sell myself to anyone.”

A software programmer might wonder, “What does writing code have to do with selling?”

We often segregate our primary tasks from the idea of selling.

But in today’s competitive world, projecting and selling the value of what you offer has become essential. It’s not about becoming a slick salesperson but recognizing that, in some way, each of us is a salesperson.

Unfortunately, many shy away from the label, associating it with negativity. There is an almost pejorative connotation to the idea of selling as if there is something bad and undesirable about it.

The irony, though, is that we all sell all the time. It’s just that we don’t want to admit that we do.

Whether you’re a manager subtly showcasing your hard work or a person trying to convince someone of your worth in a relationship, selling is ingrained in our daily lives.

Simply put, selling is the art of persuading others of the merits of what you bring to the table.

Yet, selling has acquired a bad rap. Why?

Because when the exchange of value is perceived as inadequate, it feels like a selfish act—a pushy attempt to gain an advantage.

But good selling is far from selfishness; it’s an act of generosity. It’s about creating and conveying genuine value, showcasing how what you offer benefits the other side.

When we shift our focus to being generous and genuinely creating and offering value, selling transforms into a force for positive impact.

Everyone should gain experience in selling. It’s a life skill that instills the virtue of generosity and the art of creating meaningful value exchanges. Selling becomes the voice ensuring that the good work and value you bring to the table is heard.

There is a need to reframe the idea of selling. It’s not about convincing others for personal gain; it’s about generously sharing the value you can provide.

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