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Month: March 2022

Monitor Progress, Not People

Monitor progress

“What must I do to keep track of what everyone is doing? I struggle with monitoring my team members and what they have to do.” One of my coachees posed this question a couple of weeks back. My response was- Read more…

Weekend Story-No Shoes

No Shoes

I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.

Become Good At Learning


When do you truly become good at learning? When you have an intrinsic desire to grow. When you are intentional about wanting to learn. When you reflect on your experiences and look for lessons learned. When you actively engage with Read more…

What Makes For Good Leaders

What differentiates good leaders from not-so-good leaders? In his 2013 Book Focus, Psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman delves into three specific types of focus all good leaders demonstrate.  Inner Focus This refers to one’s ability to monitor their thoughts, feelings, and impulses. Read more…

What’s Your Brand Identity?

Brand Identity

He/She is a problem-Solver.He/She is whimsical.He/She is a workaholic.He/She is a people person.He/She is a dud.He/She is a micro-managerHe/She is a leader…..and so on. We often find ourselves classifying or categorizing people around us using different adjectives. We relate to Read more…

The Power Of Reflection In Improving Our Learning


I have a habit of saving blogs that I find very useful for future reference. I scoured through my saved list and came across this blog from 2016 by Charles Jennings on workplace performance. In this blog post, the author writes about reflection being Read more…

How Committed Are You?


I came across this lovely quote courtesy of a blog by Tanmay Vora Commitment finds a way Those who aren’t committed find faults. Those who are committed find a way. – Dan Rockwell. Whenever we encounter challenges and difficult situations- in Read more…

Be Ok To Look Ignorant


If you wish to improve, you must be willing to look clueless or stupid about something. In the quest for greater understanding, you should be ready to ask questions, even if you risk looking dumb in the process. If you Read more…

Weekend Story- The Couple On The Bus

Couple On The Bus

There was once a happy couple that enjoyed traveling every summer. One summer, they decided to visit a monastery in the upper reaches of a mountainous region. So they boarded a bus that would drive them up to a spot Read more…

Be Inspired- The Incredible Story Of Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha

My friends know that I am always looking for good stories that inspire. This afternoon a friend referred me to watch a video of a talk by a young lady Arunima Sinha. In this 18 minute talk, Arunima Sinha traces her incredible Read more…