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Are You “Above The Line”?

Above the line

If you are a leader, it is essential to acknowledge that everyone around is watching you for how you are behaving and operating at all times. What you do and how you behave directly impact those around you, and often they mimic what you do.

If you operate with fear, you will create an environment of fear. On the other hand, if you act with confidence, the same confidence will radiate from the people around you.

If you want to be a conscious leader, aware of your responsibility and impact, it is imperative that you know what your emotional state is at any point.

Where Am I ?

In Coaching, one asks an important question to figure out where one is at any point. It’s called the Location Question, and it asks, “Where am I?”

And the answer to this question has to be – I am above the line OR below the line.

If I am above the line, it means- I am open, positive, curious, and interested in learning and improving.

When I am below the line, it means I am in a triggered reactive state- I am closed, defensive, and wanting to prove that I am right.

If the answer you give yourself is “I am above the line.” fabulous. You are in a very productive space.

If your answer is ” I am below the line, “ you have to figure out how to get yourself out of the rabbit hole. It’s not easy because when you are in a ” below the line” state, you cannot simply will yourself to become “above the line.”

Then, what’s the solution?


I have realized that whenever I find myself “below the line,” it is because I am in a triggered state, in the grip of some underlying fear- of failure, of being judged, of being hurt.

I have learned through experience that the most significant antidote for all our fears is Acceptance.

When I accept that I am in a defensive, negative and fearful state, the grip of the emotion loosens dramatically compared to when I am in denial-unwilling to acknowledge my emotional state.

Acceptance allows me to shift the context of how I deal with any issue. When I accept that I am in a “below the line” state, it forces me to ask myself the question- What can I do to shift my state- and in asking this question, I move into the “above the line” zone, open and willing !!

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