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The Way Of The Acorn


The mighty Oak tree starts out as a humble acorn seed.

It is a fundamental law of nature. All things big start out small and, more importantly, take time.

If you’re embarking on a venture to create something new, like launching a business, a product, or breaking into a new market, be prepared to nurture your idea from an acorn to a sapling, to a small plant, and eventually, if the conditions are right, into a mighty oak.

Just like a tiny acorn needs time, nutrients, and the right environment to grow into a majestic oak, your idea needs time, effort, and a conducive environment to flourish. Trying to force growth, cutting corners, or taking shortcuts will likely result in stunted growth or failure. So, resist the urge to do anything silly, like trying to force the acorn to grow faster.

Remember, a great oak takes time to grow, and so does a successful idea.

Also, in the process, avoid comparing yourself to other oaks – remember that they, too, started out as acorns. Stay focused on your own journey and allow your acorn to grow into a solid and majestic oak, in its own time.

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