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Back Yourself

Back yourself

My wife has a remarkable talent for motivating my kids to pursue opportunities they might otherwise hesitate to take on. Over the years, I’ve observed her masterful balance between unwavering support and aggressive cajoling, instilling in my kids the confidence to say ‘yes’ to new ideas and opportunities, even when self-doubt is whispering “no.” At the core, her message to my kids is to “back yourself” and try stuff. Don’t hold back.

You don’t think you have the skills for the task? Learn and improve anyway: Instead of shying away from opportunities, assuming you don’t have the right skills, embrace them as a chance to grow and acquire new abilities. You can take courses, seek guidance, and gradually become proficient.

You don’t think you’re creative enough? Create anyway: Creativity is a muscle that you can develop with practice. Even if you doubt your creative abilities, don’t worry. Start a project or hobby that allows you to express yourself artistically. You may surprise yourself with what you come up with.

You don’t think you’ll get the scholarship/grant? Apply for it anyway: Many hesitate to apply for scholarships or grants because they believe they won’t be selected. However, applying can be a valuable experience and might just lead to unexpected opportunities.

You don’t think your opinion matters? Share it anyway: Whether in a meeting, a group discussion, or a social setting, don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions. Your perspective could provide valuable insights or spark important conversations.

You don’t think you can make a difference? Take action anyway: Sometimes, the problems around you can seem overwhelming, and you doubt your ability to make an impact. However, every small action counts. Volunteer, support a cause, or start a project that aligns with your values, and you’ll see how much positive change you can create.

You don’t think you can make time for your passion? Pursue it anyway: Many people have passions or hobbies they put on hold because they are busy. Commit just a tiny amount of time each day or week to pursue what you love. Over time, this consistency can lead to significant progress.

You don’t think you can handle rejection? Apply for opportunities anyway: Rejection is a natural part of life, but it’s also an opportunity for growth and resilience. By facing rejection head-on, you build emotional strength and increase your chances of success in the long run.

You don’t think your idea is unique? Develop it anyway: Even if your idea seems similar to existing ones, it might have a unique twist or approach that sets it apart. Pursue it, refine it, and see where it takes you.

Remember, self-doubt is a pervasive experience for all of us, but it should not hold us back from pursuing our goals and dreams. 

Back yourself and take affirmative action to experience personal and professional growth.

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