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Two Truths

Two Truths
  1. Nothing significant is Free in Life.
  2. Nothing significant is Easy in Life.

Nothing is free in life- particularly success. If you want to be successful in any pursuit, you have to pay a price. And the price you pay in terms of personal sacrifice, effort, pain, and disappointments is always directly proportional to the magnitude of success you seek relative to others.

Similarly, Nothing is easy in life. Particularly achievement. Anything significant you wish to achieve will always be challenging. The difficulty and challenge you have to overcome will always be directly proportional to the level of achievement you desire relative to others.

So, knowing that Nothing is free or easy, what must one do?

First, be prepared for sacrifice and embrace the inevitable pain. It is a rite of passage if you want to win. When you accept pain as a natural by-product of success, you will not feel daunted by it. You will, instead, be prepared to deal with it without complaining.

Second, be prepared to think and act differently. You can never do anything significant by following the crowd and doing what everyone else does. Your level of thinking to deal with problems and challenges cannot be the same as everyone else’s. Your thinking has to be unique, and your actions have to be different.

If you are ambitious and want to conquer the world, let these two truths guide your journey.

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