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Look Ahead

I recently was in a conversation with a former colleague who, like me, is now on the other side of fifty. He expressed some regrets about not fulfilling his potential and felt it was too late to change the direction of his life.

I shared a different perspective with him, urging him to shift his focus from dwelling on the past and instead look ahead.

Here’s what I told him:

If you take care of your health and stay active, you still have a good 25 years of productive life ahead of you. Instead of regretting what you haven’t achieved in the first half of your life, why not think about what you can accomplish in the next 25 years? Especially now that you’ve over 50 years of experience knowing WHAT TO and WHAT NOT TO do. Age doesn’t have to be a disadvantage; if anything, for you, it’s an advantage.

I am unsure if I convinced him, but in advising him, I certainly developed clarity about how I should look at my life from here onward. I have another 25 years of perfectly productive life ahead of me. There is so much more I can maximize and achieve when I look ahead.

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