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Savor The Work

savor the work

We are in an era of hyper-competition, and anxiety is an all-pervading emotion. Students fret over their annual results, professionals worry about their next appraisal, and business owners feel the pressure of their bottom lines. Unfortunately, for many of us, this constant state of anxiety prevents us from genuinely enjoying our work.

While goals are important and achieving them is a priority, becoming consumed by them diminishes our efficiency. Anxiety and fear stifle our creativity, pushing us to rush through tasks for immediate results. This quest for instant gratification often leads to sub-par outcomes.

Instead, by focusing on the present moment and the task at hand, we unlock our full potential for self-expression. One of the great gifts we can give ourselves is the ability to savor the work we do, immersing ourselves in the moment and fully utilizing our skills. When we do this, the pervading sense of anxiety is displaced by a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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